‚ÄčAttendance & Payment

Students are responsible for paying for the time slot registered for. This equals the total number of lessons there are in each month, regardless of attendance.
At least twenty-four hours notice is required to receive a make-up lesson, i.e. a lesson scheduled on Wednesday at 5:00pm needs to be cancelled by the previous Tuesday at 5:00pmin order to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
Last minute cancellations will not be accommodated.
Students have two (2) make up lessons per term. Term 1: September to January, Term 2: February to June. After two lessons (per term) are rescheduled, the student will be charged for their lesson time if absent. Make-up lessons will be scheduled as soon as the teacher is available.
For lengthy vacations/absences (two weeks or more), a two weeks notice is required. Make-up lessons or lesson credits will be decided at the discretion of the Administration.
In the absence of a teacher, the Administration will either assign a substitute teacher or arrange a make-up lesson.
Lessons missed due to inclement weather:

If the Conservatory is open and the teacher is present, the lesson is ongoing (unless the weather is not roadworthy, you have a distance to travel, and you have notified the Administration that you cannot attend due to these conditions).
If the Conservatory is closed or the teacher is not present, the lesson will be credited or rescheduled.


Students must give two weeks paid notice in order to discontinue or suspend their private lesson time. Each month, students are considered to be continuing lessons if no notice is provided. Students will be held accountable for the lesson fees incurred until notice is given the Administration.

Attendance Policy