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Brigitte Legault

Brigitte Legault has been playing music and singing since she was a little girl, performing for the first time in 4rth grade in front of the whole school.  Future performances continued into adulthood after spending a few years in a band called Stories Underground. Upon graduating from the Ottawa Conservatory Teacher Training Program, Brigitte has found a passion in teaching, using the tools that have helped her blossom into the musician/singer she is today.

She has collaborated with multiple musicians, been in a few bands playing covers as well as writing original music. She also has sung at  weddings and enjoys Karaoke when she has the time!

Though singing is her main focus, she also plays the keyboard, guitar, traversal flute and the didgeridoo to help her in her song writing. She is no stranger to the stage and has spent countless hours honing her skills using the latest technology and techniques. She can appreciate the challenges singers face and wants to coach her students to get stronger vocally without forcing or damaging vocals. It is crucial to sing correctly to avoid complications. She can help you sing on key, improve singing techniques, posture, gain confidence, strengthen your vocals and ultimately believe in yourself and your abilities to grow as a singer!