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Ella Dunstone

Ella has been trained in both vocals and piano since the age of 4. Throughout her youth, she was a member of the Ottawa Children's Choir for many years as well as participating in numerous competitions and recitals. Ella attended Canterbury High School for the Performing Arts and specialized in vocal music for 4 years.

She was trained in classical music, as well as musical theatre for her participation in a variety of shows. She also completed the Teacher Training Program at The Ottawa Vocal and Instrumental School of Music.  Throughout her training, Ella has developed many techniques and skills required to teach students at any level the joys and enrichment that music has on an individual. Not only is Ella trained in the arts of performing, but has been trained technically in regards to music theory and is happy to teach any student what they need to better their skills. She is more than excited teaching with us and is ready to brings her passion for music to her students. Online classes are also available!