We offer private and semi-private lessons in bass, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, piano, sax, voice, violin, and ukulele. Our instructors have performing experience and are familiar with various music genres. Whether you're practicing an instrument at school or just taking it up for pleasure, a varied and interesting repertoire is available for you! We are here for you, so don't hesitate to ask us about our programs. 


This course is for beginners or advanced. We offer training on a real drum set.


From classical to pop, beginner to advanced, our flute program can focus on what you have in mind. Under our instruction, you can improve tone, technique and musicianship in a supportive environment. In a private lesson, you can also learn tips, tricks, and techniques that are specific to flute players.

Guitar, Bass, & Uke

If you want to learn guitar, bass or Uke from professional entertainers, you've come to the right place. Learn folk, rock, jazz, country, or classical. You may also follow the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. Students ages 6 and up are welcome to take private lessons. If you are 16 and older, just starting guitar, and want to see if you've got the ability to continue, we encourage you to enroll in our 8-week Adult Group Guitar Course.

Piano & Keyboard

At our facilities, we house 2 baby Grand Pianos and 6 upright pianos. All of our teachers are versed in the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum and are qualified in other genres outside of classical piano including genres such as jazz, boogie, rock, contemporary, and pop. Students wishing to take RCM exams are prepared accordingly and are fully guided through the process.

Saxophone & Clarinet

This program is offered to students wishing to improve their skills for the school band or simply for the individual who wants to try a reed instrument. 


The ukulele is becoming a popular instrument world-wide. This instrument is a convenient size and weight, perfect for children and adults alike! There's more to the world of ukulele than the beautiful song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", so we encourage you to come in and discover your potential with this wonderful instrument. 


Our violin lessons range from the beginner to advanced level. In these lessons, you will learn proper technique, which builds a strong base to advancing correctly.