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We are proud to have a staff of wonderful instructors. We know it is important to choose the right instructor for your needs and we do so based on your particular needs as well as your personality!

An introduction lesson can be set up for you so you can meet the teacher and decide if you would like to register or try another assessment. Our staff is dedicated to supporting the development of all children and the interest in music in adults. Our teachers use proven methodologies and highly effective curriculums in their lessons. 

You may view the profile of each instructor by clicking on their name. Most instructors teach more than one subject. They are listed by their most popular subject here and beside their names you can find other subjects they teach.

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Carol ClarotAdministrative Assistant & Reception Manager



Hayley Festeryga (Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Contemporary, Dance Like a Star Birthday Choreographer)

Alessa Hickman  ( Dance Like A Star Birthday Choreographer)

Claire Amirault ( Jazz/ HipHop/ Contemporary/ Ballet/ Acro,  Dance Like a Star Birthday Choreographer )


Chad Walls


Ron Laframboise(Guitar, Bass, Flute, Percussion, Ukulele)

Tom McDonald (Classical Guitar, Acoustic & Electric Guitar)


Erin Gustafson

Dalal Larisey

Victoria Yankelvich

Patricia Fitzgibbon

Miguel de Armas


Jeremiah Shaver(Clarinet, Piano)


Victoria Yankelvich 


Patricia Fitzgibbon   Musical Theater

Robert Clarot

Emma O'Gorman  

Tegan Bridge