Tax Deductible Tuition

We are a certified educational institution, Section 118.3 Click here for more information.

Claiming lessons as a personal tax deduction is only available through a music school which holds the certification of a "Certified Educational Institute." This title is very specific and is offered to only a select few organizations. It is a title which authorizes an educational center amendments to the Income Tax Act for the purpose of allowing students enrolled in a Federally qualified educational program to receive tax deductions. These deductions are authorized through a roll number filed in Ottawa. The roll number is checked against any tax deduction claims made by a student for tuition, books, or extra curricular material(s). The qualification of "Certified Educational Institute" is for tax registry associated to a specific curriculum only. It holds no association to the qualification of instructors teaching any of the programs at these certified institutes.

Do you qualify for a tax deduction?

Generally, an individual may qualify for a tuition tax credit if

the student is...

- 18 years of age and is enhancing or working toward a professional

career as a musician

- Enrolled at a "Certified Educational Institute" (A signed

"Tuition of Certification Letter" from the institution

must accompany the claim)

- Must have spent over $100.00 (one-hundred dollars) to qualify

Please contact Revenue Canada Taxation for an up-to-date

Interpretation Bulletin regarding tax deductions at "Certified 

Educational Institutions".

Official tax receipts are available upon your request.

For an e-mail version, please send request to:

You may claim your lessons on your income tax 

(Must be age 16+. Under age 16, please file through Children's Tax Credit.)