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Pop Voice Lessons
Whether you are a beginning singer or an emerging professional, you need to perfect your instrument. The key element in this process is, of course, selecting a mentor to train and correctly mold your voice. Who you choose as this instructor is, in many ways, the most important decision you will make. The vocal technique you learn can quite literally make or break your chances as a professional or even a casual singer.

A beginning voice student knows one thing: he/she wants to improve the quality of their voice. This being the primary focus, very few singers know how to find a teacher who can accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

Our teachers are trained to follow carefully calibrated exercises that work, not simple generic exercises that are found in vocal self teaching books. Our teachers are performers that currently make a living from music, and dedicate themselves to their students with one thing in mind... giving them the techniques to make them the singer they want to be. 

Children and adults are accepted and the lessons are 1/2 hour per week for beginners and 1 hour per week for anyone who has had prior experience or, after being assessed by the teacher, is deemed intermediate or advanced. Every student will be recommended to take 4 choreography sessions 3 times a year to further train them on stage presence and a general overview of what it feels to be on a stage complete with sound and lighting but not enforced. This is carried out in our performance room by our choreographers.​

Performance Voice Lessons 
Our Vocal Performance Division offers programs of high quality for singers seeking careers in performance or just for fun. A faculty of experienced professionals provides instruction in applied voice and vocal literature.The excellence of our program is confirmed by the success of its students, many of whom have gone on to enter the most prestigious graduate schools. A culmination of Dance Choreography, Studio Recording Time, Videography and Professional Vocal training are the focus of this program. For a consultation, please contact Robert Clarot 613-879-1953

Students wanting to pursue this program must have an assessment by Robert Clarot which can be set up by calling 613-722-1010.

Lesson Fees are calculated on the amount of time needed per individual based on the initial assessment lesson. The assessment will last 1/2 hr and is $30.00. After the assessment, a program will be outlined for the student including Choreography, Voice, and recording time.

1/2 hour lessons are $30.00 45 min lessons are $42.00 1 hour lessons are $58.00

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Rates per Lesson
30 minutes45 minutes1 hour